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Acute Medicine
Ambulatory Care Feb 2015Dr Anu Garg
Dr Sarah Gillett
Brush-up on your Biochemistry 2017Dr Andrew Taylor, Medical Biochemist, RUH
Cancer and Palliative Care
Cancer in Old Age: Open and Shut Cases? 2015Dr Chris Dyer, Consultant Geriatrician
Cancer of Unknown Primary 2015Dr Tania Tillett, Medical Oncologist
Central Nervous System Tumors 2015Dr Penny Kehagioglou, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, BMI Bath Clinic
Colorectal Cancer 2018John Saunders Consultant Gastroenterologist
Defining the Palliative Care Patient 2013 0Dr Tricia Needham
Dorothy House Hospice
Frailty & Cancer 2018 (pictures removed )Dr Chris Dyer, COE, RUH
Gynaecological Malignancies 2014Dr Penny Kehagioglou
Consultant Clinical Oncologist RUH
Haematological Malignancy 2018Dr Chris Knechtli, Haematologist, RUH
Hot topics - 4th May 2016,"Cancer of unknown origin"Dr Tania Tillett, Medical Oncologist
Managing Oncological Emergencies in the Community 2015Dr Louise Medley, Consultant Medical Oncologist
Managing Systemic Therapy 2018 (some pictures removed)Professor Mark Beresford, RUH
Obstructive Jaundice and Suspected Pancreas Cancer Pathway 2015Meg Finch-Jones, Consultant HPB Surgeon UH Bristol
Oesophical and Gastric CancerRichard Krysztopik
Oncology Treatments in Breast Cancer 2015Dr Rebecca Bowen, Consultant Medical Oncologist
Presentation on Obstructive Jaundice and Suspected Pancreas Cancer Pathway 2015Meg Finch-Jones, Consultant HPB Surgeon UH Bristol
Suspected pancreatic cancer pathway (primary to secondary care) 2015Meg Finch-Jones, Consultant HPB Surgeon UH Bristol
Skin Lesions - A Practical Approach 2015Dr Sarah Woodrow. Consultant Dermatologist
The Pain of Past, Current and Future Loss: Assessing Complicated and Healthy Grief 2013Julian Bond
Bereavement Service Co-ordinator Dorothy House
Upper GI Malignancy (pictures removed) Ben Colleypriest Consultant Gastroenterologist RUH
How I Interpret ECGs 2018Dr Rob Lowe Consultant Cardiologist , RUH
Palpitations & Monitoring 2018Dr Antony French Consultant Cardiologist, RUH
Valvular Heart Disease and Echo Guidance 2018Dr Richard Mansfield, Consultant Cardiologist RUH
Chest Pain & Acute Coronary Syndromes 2018Dr Dan McKenzie Consultant Cardiologist RUH
Chest Pain AssessmentDr Dan Augustine, Consultant Cardiologist RUH
New approaches to Diet in Cardiology (Cardiologist's Kitchen)Dr Ali Khavandi, Consultant Cardiologist RUH
Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Prevention & Lipid modification for
the primary and secondary prevention of CVD 2017
Dr Jacob Easaw, Consultant Cardiologist, RUH.
A guideline update for the practice of
echocardiography in the cardiac screening of
sports participants
Dr David Oxborough 
Care of the Elderly
Abnormal blood tests in older adults 2014Dr Chris Dyer, Consultant Geriatrician
Advanced Care Planning 2015Dr Alastair Kerr, Consultant Geriatrician, RUH Bath
Antihypertensives in older people - Elderly Care 2018Tomas Welsh, Consultant Geriatrician and Honorary Research Fellow, University of Bristol
Assessment of Frailty 2015Dr Chris Dyer, Consultant Geriatrician
Common Cases in Older PeopleDr Chris Dyer, Consultant Geriatrician
Dementia: Beyond DES, QOF and The Daily Mail 2014Dr Matt Jelly, Consultant Psychiatrist AWP
Dementia: How do we recognise it earlier? What should we expect from specific drug treatment for people with dementia 2013Professor Roy Jones, RICE RUH
Dementia: Recognising all types of patients and managing behavioural, psychological and social problems 2013Dr Matt Jelly, Consultant Psychiatrist AWP
Falls - What should be considered on a falls template? 2014Dr Alastair Kerr, Elderly Care Consultant
Investigation & Management of Urinary Tract Infections in the Elderly. 2015Dr Alistair Kerr, Geriatric Consultant
Parkinson’s Disease…beginning, middle and end 2016Dr Veronica Lyell, RUH
Stroke & TIA Update 2016Dr James Choulerton Consultant Stroke Physician RUH
The assessment of cognition in the older
person - the hows and whys - Feb 2014
Dr Chris Dyer
Child Health Promotion
Communication Skills
111 ways to improve your telephone triage and consultation
skills 2016
Dr Martyn Hughes GP
Contraception and Sexual Health

Menopause and the premenopausal woman – putting NICE guidance into practice 2017

Dr Sharon Moses
The Contraceptive Consultation 2017Dr Theresa Laverty, Faculty of Reproductive and Sexual Health Care
Acne Vulgaris & Hidradenitis Suppurativa - June 2014Dr Sarah Woodrow, Consultant Dermatologist, RUH
Basic Skin Surgery - 2014Dr Inma Mauri-Sole
Associate Specialist in Dermatology, RUH
Blistering Skin Conditions - June 2013Dr Sarah Woodrow, Consultant Dermatologist, RUH
Dermatology of Middle Age - June 2014; Rosacea, Lichen Sclerosis, Lichen Planus & Seborrhoeic WartsDr Inma Mauri-Sole, Associated Specialist in Dermatology, RUH
Fungal Nail Infections 2015Dr Sarah Woodrow, Consultant Dermatologist, RUH
Lichen Planus 2015Dr Inma Mauri-Sole, Associated Specialist in Dermatology, RUH
Premalignant Skin Conditions - when to treat & when to refer. 2016Dr Inma Mauri-Sole, Associated Specialist in Dermatology, RUH
Pruritus - June 2013Dr Inma Mauri-Sole, Associated Specialist in Dermatology, RUH
Psoriasis 2016Dr Deidre Buckley, Consultant Dermatologist
Rosacea 2017Paola De Mozzi, Dermatology Consultant, RUH
Urticaria & Angioedema 2016Dr Sarah Woodrow, Consultant Dermatologist, RUH
Adolescent Skin 2019Dr Ruth Alexander, GP, Community Dermatology clinic
Diabetes and CKDDr Albert Power
Consultant Nephrologist
INSULIN: Initiation & Adjustment 2017Anya Chambers & Rebeccah King, DSNs
Diets for Diabetes. Do they work?
Jo Sims & Caroline Thorn, Specialist Diabetes Dietitians
Advances in Managing Type 1 Diabetes 2017Sally Wylie & Nikki Hillier
Diabetes and Foot Problems 2016Gaynor Kebbell
Initial Management of Type 2 DiabetesDSN Sally Catchpole
Diabetes Facilitator Gaynor Kebbell
Insulin AdjustmentLesley Amer and Nicola Hillier
Acute Diabetes 2014
MODY 2014Tony Robertson
Injection TechniqueCommunity Diabetes Nurse Specialist
How to Treat Type 2 Diabetes and ObesityDr Kate Allen
NG28: Type 2 diabetes in adults December 2015Dr Alexandra Ward
Developments in the integrated care project in BaNES/WiltsDr Marc Atkin
Type 2 Diabetes Case Studies Pitfalls and tricks in glucose managementKate Allen
Consultant Physician
Preconception and Antenatal Care 2017Dr Tony Robinson, Consultant Endocrinologist RUH
Weight management 2017Dr Kate Allen
Dieticians advise on diet and weight loss 2015
Ten Top Tips for Weight Loss
10 Tips for Increasing Physical Activity
Raising the Issue of Weight Loss in Practice
Dietetics Department, Sirona Care and Health
Criteria for using Sip Feeds
Food First advice for improving nutrition
Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST)
Nutrition Flow chart for Adults
Dietetics Department, Sirona Care and Health
Faddy Eaters September 2016Emily Bloxam
Paediatric Dietitian
Food Allergy 2016Anna Carling
Senior Dietitian
Food Allergy 2018Emily Bloxam, Specialist Paediatric Dietitian
Irritable bowel syndrome update of dietetic management  update of dietetic management 2018Bridie Watson, Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian, RUH
Malnutrition Screening and ManagementAlex Rowles & Julia Frank
Dieticians specialising in Nutritional Awareness
Drugs and Alcohol
When to consider admission for alcohol detox
How do we manage an acutely unwell patient with alcohol misuse 2013
Dr Mark Farrant
Consultant Gastroenterologist RUH
Single Point of Access for Drug and Alcohol support in BANES 2013
Treating patients who misuse alcoholCarol Stanaway
Substance Misuse Commissioning Manager
Alcohol Awareness – Identification and Brief Advice (IBA)Jodie Smith
B&NES Alcohol Project Officer
End of Life Care
Cases illustrating symptom control, medications and discussions for patients coming to the end of their lives 2018Dr Simon Brooks, Dorothy House Hospice
Thyroid Dysfunction 2014Tony Robinson, Endocrine Consultant, RUH
Neck Lumps 2017Mr John Waldron, ENT Consultant
The Ear 2017Mrs Annette Jardine, ENT Consultant
Facial Pain - a rhinologist's perspective 2016Mr Stephen McDonald, ENT Consultant
Rhinology March 2015Mr Stephen McDonald, ENT Consultant
The Management of Tinnitus and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Oct 2014Mr Darren Pinder, ENT Consultants RUH
Paediatric ENT Update Oct 2014Mrs Annette Jardine, ENT Consultant RUH
ENT 2WW Guidance 2017Mr Stephen McDonald, ENT Consultant RUH
First 5 (Newly Qualified GP) Group
What you need to consider when working as a Salaried GP - February 2013Sean Cussack
BMA Industrial Relations Officer
Abnormal LFT & obstructive jaundice 2015Dr Peter Marden
Consultant RUH
Constipation - patient Hand-Out 2014Sara Hawkins, Specialist Physiotherapist, Bath Clinic
Diarrhoea, Constipation and Bleeding - Referring 2WW CRC 2015Dr Jonathan Quinlan
Consultant RUH
Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2015Dr David Walker
Consultant RUH
Iron Deficiency Anaemia - 2WW Upper GI 2015Dr Benjamin Colleypriest
Consultant RUH
The Liver 2016Dr Mark Farrant
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Circle
The Management of Adults with Coeliac Disease 2015Catherine Nash, Specialist Dietitian in Gastroenterology
Upper GI Symptoms GORD, dyspepsia and vomiting 2015Dr Tina Mehta
Consultant RUH
Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Fertility
Maternity Care - Current Issues 2017Dr Rachel Ion
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction 2014Sara Hawkins, Specialist Physiotherapist, Bath Clinic
Pelvic Floor Exercises - Patient Hand-out 2014Sara Hawkins, Specialist Physiotherapist, Bath Clinic
Pregnancy Loss 2017Jo Ficquet, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist RUH
Incontinence & Prolapse 2013Rick Porter
Consultant Gynaecologist
Local Gynae Referral Pathways & Clinics 2013David Walker
Consultant Gynaecologist
Investigation and management of Bleeding Problems in Primary Care
Mr David Walker. Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician
Pelvic Pain 2017 Mr Nick Johnson. Consultant Gynaecologist
Menorrhagia 2013Mrs Aysha Qureshi Consultant Gynaecologist
Dr Stephanie Gadd, Consultant Embryologist, BFC
The Patient Journey
Helen Kendrew, Matron, BFC

Infertility Update 2017

Mr Nick Sharpe, Bath Fertility Centre
FBC Abnormalities 2016 Drs C Knechtli and S Wexler
Consultant Haematologists
Thrombosis and Haemostasis 2016
Including DOACs 
Dr Josephine Crowe
Consultant Haematologist RUH
Infectious Diseases
Sepsis 2 2018Dr Lesley Jordan Consultant Anaesthetist & Patient Safety Lead, RUH
Lyme Diease 2018Dr Christina Petridou, RIPL Porton Down
Update on HIV & STIs 2018Dr Kate Horn, Consultant GUM, RUH
Guidance on Record Keeping, Letter Writing, and how Documents are used in Court Proceedings 2015Hannah Carr, Head of Personal Injury and Medical Negligence, Gough’s Solicitors
Gough’s LPA Factsheet
Mental Capacity - Completion of Formal DocumentsJames Buchan, Goughs Associate Solicitor
Mental Capacity Prompt Cards
Medicines Management
Antimicrobial Stewardship 2016Elizabeth Beech, Antimicrobial Resistance Project Lead NHS England & BANES CCG
Medicines Management Update 2016Clare James, Prescribing Adviser BANES CCG
Mental Health
Sleep Wake Disorders 2018Dr Giedre Calverley, Consultant Psychiatrist, BaNES Recovery Service
Anxiety Recognition & Management 2018Dr Thom Proven, Consultant Psychiatrist
Managing Eating Disorders in Primary Care 2017Dr Lauren Gavaghan, Consultant Psychiatrist, STEPS Eating Disorders Service
Psychosis - All you need to know in 30 Minutes 2014Dr Richard Stanton, Consultant Psychiatrist
AWP Early Intervention in Psychosis Team
Focus on Borderline Personality Disorder 2014Dr Clare Williamson AWP
Epilepsy- practice approaches 2016Dr Nicola Giffin, Consultant Neurologist, RUH
Managing Headache in Primary Care 2016Dr Nicola Giffin, Consultant Neurologist, RUH
Neurological Symptoms & SignsDr Paul Lyons
Neuromuscular Disorders 2016Dr Andria Merrison, Director of the Bristol MND Care Centre
Neuropathies 2017Dr Nicola Giffin, Consultant Neurologist, RUH
Watering Eye - What's What 2014Mrs Sally Webber
Consultant Ophthalmologist, RUH
Cosmetic Eye Problems 2014Mrs Sally Webber
Consultant Ophthalmologist, RUH
Giant Cell Arteritis 2013Dr Bhavisha Vasta, RNHRD
Red Eye Quiz 2013Ophthalmology Department, RUH
Red Eye Quiz - Questions & Answers 2013Ophthalmology Department, RUH
Periorbital Conditions 2013Author - Mrs Sally Webber, Consultant Ophthalmologist, RUH
Back 2 Basics 2017Alex Dunford & Hanna Maynard Griffin, Physiotherapists, BMI
Bath Clinic
Hathaway HipsMr Mike Rigby
Hathaway KneeMr Mike Rigby
Preventing Overdiagnosis 2 - 2014Dr Julian Treadwell, Bath GP
Pain Management
GP Meeting Circle be NICE to your BackBack 2017 Dr Andrew Souter, Consultant Pain Clinic RUH
Neuropathic Pain 2016Dr Andrew Souter Consultant Dept Anaesthesia & Pain Clinic RUH
Problematic Pain in Primary Care. Where to start and when to stop 2016Dr Lucy Williams, Pain Service Clinical Lead GWH
Brain Tumours Nov 2014Dr Peter Rudd, Paediatric Consultant, RUH
Bedwetting Nov 2014Dr Peter Rudd, Paediatric Consultant, RUH
Constipation Nov 2014
Dr Peter Rudd, Paediatric Consultant, RUH
Fits, Faints and Funny Turns Nov 2014Dr Ron Loh, Consultant Paediatrician
Chronic Headaches. Nov 2014
Dr Ron Loh, Paediatric Consultant, RUH
Pitfalls in Paediatrics and Recent Updates to Help With Referrals Nov 2014
Dr Clare Edmonds, Paediatric Consultant, RUH
Egg & Milk Allergies Nov 2014
Dr Natasha Zurick, Paediatric Consultant, RUH
Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease and other Neonatal Feeding Problems. Nov 2014
Dr Steve Jones, Paediatric Consultant, RUH
Cows milk Protein Allergy What can I have? 2014Anna Carling, Senior Dietician RUH January 21st 2104
Diagnosing the Limping Child Jan 2013Mr Simon Thomas, Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultant, RUH
Paediatric ENT Jan 2013Mrs Annette Jardin, ENT Consultant, RUH
Back Pain in Children Jan 2013Mr Otto von Arx, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon
An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing 2015Dr Hanna van der Woude, Senior Clinical Psychologist, BaNES Therapies Service
Renal Medicine
ACEI inhibitors in diabetic nephropathy: Good or bad for the kidneys
Diabetes Day 2014
Dr Richard Smith
Nephrologist and Tutor in Diabetes Cardiff University
Acute Kidney Injury and making sense of Guidance for GPs 2013Dr Richard Smith
Nephrologist and Tutor in Diabetes Cardiff University
ACEI inhibitors in diabetic nephropathy: Good or bad for the kidneys Diabetes Day 2014Dr Richard Smith Nephrologist and Tutor in Diabetes Cardiff University
Acute Kidney Injury and making sense of Guidance for GPs 2013Dr Richard Smith
Nephrologist and Tutor in Diabetes Cardiff University
AKI and CKD:
Top ten facts for primary care physicians 2015
Dr Richard Smith
Consultant Nephrologist
Investigating & Managing Chronic Cough 2017Clare Marchand
Consultant Respiratory Physician, RUK
Medical RhinologyMr Stephen McDonald
Consultant ENT Surgeon RUH
Lung Cancer Update 2016Dr Vidan Masani Respiratory Consultant RUH
TB & Sarcoid Cases 2016 Dr Martin Hetzel Respiratory Consultant RUH 
Asthma Update 2017Dr Sharon Sturney Respiratory Consultant RUH
Which inhalers should I be using for COPD 2017?Dr Jay Suntharalingam Respiratory Consultant RUH
Smoking, Smoking Cessation and e-cigarettesDr Noeleen Foley Respiratory Consultant RUH
What’s new in Respiratory Infections 2017Dr Adam Malin Respiratory Consultant RUH
Investigating breathlessness –
a respiratory perspective
Dr Jay Suntharalingam Consultant Respiratory Physician
Giant Cell Arteritis 2016Sarah Tansley
Clinical Fellow RNHRD
Fracture risk assessment and Vertebral fractures 2016Dr Celia Gregson
Consultant Geriatrician & Consultant Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol
Healthy Living for Strong Bones 2016
The benefits of exercise for good bone health
Sarah Legg
Senior Physiotherapist RNHRD
Inflammatory Back Pain 2017Dr Raj Sengupta, Consultant Rheumatologist
Joint Injection Training 2016Dr Tehseen Ahmed
Consultant Rheumatologist
Pharmacotherapy to reduce Fracture Risk 2016Dr Tehseen Ahmed
Consultant Rheumatologist
The benefits of nutrition and healthy eating for good bone health 2016Niki Gonty
Osteoporosis Specialist Nurse NOS
Rheumatoid ArthritisDr Tim Jenkinson
Modified for website 3.16 RNHRD
Fibromyalgia Syndrome Update 2016Dr William Tillett
Modern Slavery 27.02 Sian Turner
National Crime Agency
Domestic Abuse & Safeguarding Children 11.12 John Woodhouse
MD Dialogue
Safeguarding Adults June 2017 including DOL, FGM, Mental Capacity & Modern SlaveryBy Sarah Jeeves and Dr Louise Leach, Safeguarding Leads BaNES CCG
Sports and Exercise Medicine
Sports Injuries 2015Dr Julian Widdowson
Erectile Dysfunction 2016Sr Sandra Rich, Urology/Andrology Nurse Specialist
Investigation & Management of Urinary Tract Infections, Asymptomatic Bacteriuria and Red flags. 2015Mr Chris Gallegos, Consultant Urologist
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Men 2016Mr Simon Evans Urology Consultant, RUH
Prostatitis, Epididymitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome 2015Mr Jaspal Phull, Urology Consultant
Scrotology 2016Mr Chris Gallegos, Urology Consultant. RUH
Microscopic HaematuriaMr Tim Bates
Consultant Urologist RUH
When do you need a Urologist Mr Chris Gallegos, Urology Consultant
Young People's Health
Contraception and Sexual Health in Young People 2019
Dr Theresa Laverty, Faculty of Reproductive and Sexual Health Care
The assessment and management of self-harm 2019Prof Paul Stallard, Professor of Child and Family mental Health, University of Bath
The Kids are (not) Alright Depression, Anxiety and Gender Dysphoria in Young People 2019Dr Justin Daddow, CAMHS Consultant B&NES
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